Our Patches

4 Locations

Basildon A

Dunton Road, Basildon

5 Acres

6ft high fencing


Basildon B

Dunton Road, Basildon

5 acres

6 ft high fencing

Eight Ash Green

Eight Ash Green

Foxes Lane, Eight Ash Green

4 acres

6ft high fencing

Great Bromley - Dog Walking Field with Obstacles

Hilliards Road, Great Bromley

1 acre

6ft high fencing

Exclusive, enclosed private dog walking fields for hire.

The Paw Patch offers exclusive, enclosed dog walking fields for private hire. We have three dog fields in Essex, Basildon (two fields) and Eight Ash Green which are approximately 4- 6 acres each in size with 6ft fencing and gates to enable you to give your dog freedom off its lead in our secure, enclosed field. 

New for September 2022 we have our Great Bromley Dog Walking Field with Obstacles for exclusive hire.. This is a 1 acre field with over 8 top of the range agility obstacles in a secure, enclosed field with 6ft fencing and gates. This is the perfect field for any dog training needs including agility workshops, seminars, pre-competition training or just to have fun! The dog agility obstacles include hurdles, see saw, jumping hoops, tunnel, weave bars, up and overs and bridges.

Please note that due to the weather which is out of our control it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your dog in our fields based on the ground conditions. You as a responsible dog owner need to feel comfortable and contact us directly if any problems occur.  

How does it work

  • Bag Dispenser

    Poo bin with bag dispenser

  • Field Shelter

    Field shelter (except Eight Ash Green)

  • Picnic Bench

    Picnic bench

  • Fencing and Gates

    Car Parking

  • Over 8 high quality obstacles (Great Bromley Dog Play Field only)

What's the cost?

Exclusive Field Hire for 1-3 Doggies

£12 week-days & £14 weekends

55 minutes of playtime

Exclusive Field Hire for 4-6 Doggies

£14 week-days & £16 weekends

55 minutes of playtime

Great Bromley Dog Agility Field

£12 weekdays and £14 weekends

55 minutes of playtime with over 8 high quality obstacles

Packages and longer sessions are also available.

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